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Website Availability is a monitoring service that checks your website every 5 mins, 24 hours a day and notifies you immediately when your site is unavailable or doesn't respond correctly. The standard account allows you to check 3 websites, you can check secure (https://) and non-secure (http://) websites. We also can monitor DNS servers.

To insure we give a true notice and not "crying wolf" before sending any alert messages we will run our tests again from a different country to that of the first check.

Unlimited alerts can be sent via email plus you can also purchase SMS (Text Messaging) credits to send alerts to almost any network around the world. You can also setup an unlimited number of contacts to notify.

Website Availability is a small price to pay when it comes to peace of mind and revenue you could lose by not knowing of problems with your website. Each account comes with 3 monitoring credits allowing you to monitor up to 3 different websites, it is also possible to purchase additional credits. See our Pricing page for costs.

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